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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Universal Traveller - Astro-Cosmologically based Spirit Centered Living, following our Heart Song callings

Following our Heart Song / Callings
-Tuning into the Unified Field of awareness FOR awareness
The Great Quickening and the Focal points of the core processes with-in the present Times

-9 Dimensional Syncronometry-Mayan Calendar tune in
-Astrological Solar Systemic Processes affecting us here NOW on Earth (each of us responds uniquely, a personal reading is key to true Empower-meant, fo r more info contact me at   )
Key themes on this Weeks episode;
-Tuning into our intuitive faculties and deeper spiritual aspirations for a success-full Earth life to be maximized in potentiality
-Non violent Communication

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Universal Traveller - Astro-Cosmologically Based Evolutionary Causal Plane Report with-in The Great Quickening with-in

Unifying with The Unified Field with-in the Unity Consciousness Culmination

Mayan Cosmology Reading (9D Syncronometry)
Astrological Report For the Times
Sun Moon Neptune and Chiron aligning together in Pisces this Week; Unifying with The Unified Field with-in the Unity Consciousness Culmination

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Universal Traveller - Astro-Cosmology Report: Universalizing Vision to Integrate full Potentiality & Balance ‘with-in’

Weeding out the extraneous, outmoded or dysfunctional and Empowering the beneficial
Tuning in-to the Unified Field Together (To-get-there/here) -Consciously
What is Astro-Cosmology? Macro Field Vibration/Cycles/Processes/Shifts of Growth
Mayan Calendar Report for the Times
Astrology Report for the Times

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Aligning with the Paradigm Shift(s) of Frequency Amplifications; Apex of Galactic Alignment Era 2012

Astro-Cosmologically Based Macro Level Causal Plane Weather Reports; Unified Field Shifts- Tuning 'with-in-to' Natural Cycles.
Maximizing our potential, beneficial choices and outcomes in the present Macro Field Paradigm Shift Level Quantum Leap Advances of Natural Cyclic Processes
Mayan Cosmology -Macro Overview; Galactic Cycles at present ('The title of the Song')
Astrological Solar Systemic Centered Movements at Present -Macro Details ('The parts/Instruments of the Song')
Micro Macro Fusion; Our personal relationship(s) with-in the Field, co-creators with-in the Field ('We are the Musicians/ Audience' etc )


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